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U-Kiss Fanfiction
this is a fanart / fanfiction community for the kpop group u-kiss.
the rules can be found here; please read this before you post anything.
Kim Kibum. Born December 29, 1990. Blood Type O.
Kibum is the unofficial leader of U-Kiss, and also the brother of Kim HyungJoon from SS501. He's generally known for being a bit of a bully (especially toward Kevin) and also a bit of a flirt, but he has good judgement and knows when to take things seriously and when to let things slide.
Shin DongHo. Born June 29, 1994. Blood type B.
Dongho has a bit of a 'devil-may-care' attitude that makes him seem tough and manly, until you find out that his favorite color his pink and he enjoys knitting. His aegyo tends to be somewhat awkward, but no matter what, he always tries his best to make the group well-known.
Lee Kiseop. Born January 17, 1991. Blood Type A.
Kiseop is known for his striking good looks (he was a model before he entered U-Kiss) but he pouts and makes adorable faces at any given chance, which sometimes looks strange on his sharp features. He's a bit of a baby sometimes, especially when it comes to scary rides, but he makes up for it by being so lovable.
Kim Elison (Eli). Born March 13, 1991. Blood Type O.
Eli is generally known for his manly good looks, until he does his pigeon impressions and all of a sudden he turns into a total dork. Eli is one of the more gentle and polite members of the group, though he can be absolutely ridiculous, too.
Alexander Lee Eusebio. Born July 29, 1988. Blood Type O.
Alexander is... a special breed of human. He squeals and jumps around like a teenaged girl, makes a total fool of himself almost constantly, and has a penchant for playing absurd pranks on the members. He speaks 7 languages, which might be why his Korean is sometimes a bit fail.
Shin Soohyun. Born March 11, 1989. Blood Type A.
Soohyun is known as U-Kiss's "power vocal" which is a bit of an understatement. He has one of the best voices in Kpop, and a smokin' hot body to match it. But despite that, he's one of the most sweet and humble people you'll ever see, and gives himself far too little credit.
Woo Kevin. Born November 25, 1991. Blood Type O.
Kevin is typically known for looking more girly than a vast majority of actual girls, even going so far as to dress up as a female on Star King. He gets picked on by the other members because he always acts cute, having more aegyo than all the other members combined.
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