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New kissme

I am writing my first fanfiction and would like some help. To see if it is good or not and if I should keep writing. I am a writer but poetry is my strong point, I am good at short stories. I would more or less make this a type of book setting. So, if anyone would like to help I would be very grateful.
Oh, I am Noel from the US.
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So I can't log in right now, but I am kyute_aegi (or, if you want the real me, Fer). I'm interested in helping you because I like to help when It comes to this kind of thing, but also because by doing so, I think my writing can also get better. So...not sure what else to write or say, but I'll look this up again to see if you answer or... we will see.
I am sorry that I did not reply sooner.
Let me know when you would like to read it.
And don't worry, I just replied yesterday so...
I stared over I lost it my laptop did an update and it reset every thing T-T.
When I get the prolog finished I will send it or post it here.
OK! I'll be waiting!
But...can you tell me what it is about? Or give me a summary?
Or are you just gonna leave me in the dark?
Hoon and Ezra meet. she works part time as backstage helper. she is a transfer student for all art forms. she finds attachments hard and unhealthy. as he is drawn closer for she is withdrawn from him unlike any other girl her age. hope begins to grow in him as she opens up.
soo becomes intrigued with the girl and jealousy grows.
Interesting. I really can't wait to read the prologue and the actual story.
And Hoon and Soohyun as rivals, huh? It's bound to be interesting.
HURRY AND FINISH -no, just kidding, take your time!
hey sorry had to put the story on hold for my writing class. I will try to get back to is asap
Like I said before, take your time :)
It's actually a good thing because something came up, and I have to take care of it these following weeks. But let me know when you are ready and I will be there.