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All For a Smile. Kevin and Hyung Joon scenes from Parts 1 and 2

Titles: (Part 1.10) Bad News, (Part 1.11) Good News, (Part 2.8) He Said No, (Part 2.9) He Said Yes
Pairing: Kevin/Hyung Joon (U-Kiss/SS501 crossover), minor Soohyun/Kibum
Genre: Romance, Friendship, Crossover
Rating: R for minor sexual stuff

Summary: From Part 1: Kevin and Hyung Joon (along with other K-Pop idols) have signed on with "We Got Married", but do not realize that the director has no reservations about pairing two men together. In fact, that is the director's mission for this season of the show.
From Part 2: Some members of the new "We Got Married" crew (including Hyung Joon) are reluctant to participate. The director sets up meetings between the crew members and a gay couple in an attempt to convince them to stay. Kevin's story takes place at the hospital after meeting the couple, and after he's found out Hyung Joon isn't participating. Or is he?

A/N: Takes place a few years after Kibum leaves U-Kiss, although this is not specifically mentioned within the story. Also, these chapters are a small part of a larger story, the rest of which you can find in my journal. I strongly encourage you to read it all.

But for now, here are the Kevin and Hyung Joon parts of the story:
Part 1: 10 11
Part 2: 8 9
The very, very beginning of it all (in case you're interested): 1

Tags: length: multi-chaptered, pairing: kevin/oc, pairing: soohyun/kibum, rating: r
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